“I’ve been reading C. S. Lewis, and books about Lewis, for 47 years. In discussions I’ve had with Andrew Lazo, about C. S. Lewis’s Till We Have Faces, I’m convinced he understands, and knows more about this book than anyone I’ve read, or met. For years, I’ve told him he must write down what he knows. It pleases me to see he is finally going public, and letting a wider audience access to the banquet!” Professor Jerry Root, Wheaton College; author of The Quotable Lewis, C. S. Lewis and A Problem of Evil, and The Surprising Imagination of C. S. Lewis

“Having worked with Andrew Lazo on several occasions, co-teaching with him at the C. S. Lewis Conference in Oxford, I have no doubt that his course of lectures on Till We Have Faces at Houston Baptist University will penetrate to the very heart of this often misunderstood work, arguably Lewis’ finest work of fiction.”~ Joseph Pearce, author of C. S. Lewis and the Catholic Church, and Tolkien: Man and Myth

“I know of absolutely no one who has more knowledge of and passion for Lewis’s last and finest novel than Andrew Lazo.”~ Dr. Charlie W. Starr, author of Light: C. S. Lewis’s First and Final Short Story

“Andrew Lazo illuminates every topic he addresses, and when it comes to Till We Have Faces, he has no equal. I cannot wait to see the good that will come from this important series.”~ Professor Diana Pavlac Glyer, author of The Company They Keep and Bandersnatch

“Andrew Lazo has meditated deeply on Lewis’s beautiful and mysterious late work Till We Have Faces. He offers a fresh interpretation which will give new stimulus and insight to all Lewis enthusiasts.” ~ The Rev’d. Dr. Malcolm Guite, poet, priest, and author of Mariner: A Voyage with Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Faith, Hope, and Poetry

“Andrew Lazo lifts the veil to help us all see the beauty of C. S. Lewis’s most penetrating novel Till We Have Faces.  Lazo, a masterful communicator, shares insights that help us fully appreciate Lewis’s talents as a communicator while also offering lessons about life, love and being true to ourselves. His new lecture series on Till We Have Faces is simply not to be missed. Lazo provides penetrating new vistas of Lewis’s retelling of a tale as old as time about love, mystery, and life.   You will learn fresh insights about the importance of being our authentic selves both to others and to God.”~ Steven A. Beebe, Regents’ and University Distinguished Professor of Communication Studies, Texas State University; Past President, National Communication Association

“Decoding great works of art doesn’t always do them a favor. In many cases, there’s a value to letting the piece speak for itself. What Andrew Lazo has done with C.S. Lewis’s most majestic work of fiction is NOT one of those cases. A vessel of truth and beauty lodges in your soul upon finishing Lewis’s book–and what Andrew has done is to open it up, and share its riches with our conscious minds.”~Brian Brown, Director, The Anselm Society